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Joico Design Works Shaping Spray


#hairspray #flexiblehold #lighthold #shapingspray They call it “hair design” for a reason. Creating style isn’t just about a simple shampoo-and-blowdry… it’s about a ‘do with shape, flexibility, and the talent to spring right back into action, even after a late-day brushing. And that’s why we’re so devoted to our light-to-medium-hold Shaping Spray; it provides all of the above… with plenty of wiggle room to restyle and refresh. ​ Perfect choice for: Quite frankly, anyone… but if you have the finest of hair, you’ll love its gentle hold on you. Here’s how: Try a light misting of this ultra-fine spray to keep things coiffed; take a second pass for extra staying power. The inside secret: Our unique resin system creates a brushable shield that protects hair from environmental stresses.

Joico Design Smooth Cure Thermal Protectant


Before you even think of reaching for your flat iron or curling wand, you’re going to want to get your hands on our Thermal Styling Protectant: It’s not only an invisible shield that safeguards your hair against the rigors of heat styling(up to 450 degrees); but we consider it a tool by itself that finishes the smoothing process to perfection. ​ Perfect choice for: Locking in sleek styles on any hair type – from frizzy to fine. Here’s how: Spritz onto dry hair, section by section; then flat iron, curl, or round-brush into absolute perfection. The inside secret: Hydrolized Keratin – which springs into action when it detects anything from a heat tool to actual sunlight–forms a literal shield of protection against frizzing, fading, and environmental damage. Our formaldehyde-free KeraShield Complex (with Keratin, Brazil Nut Oil, and Tucuma Butter) strengthens the hair and keeps unruly hair at bay for up to 72 hours.

Molding Velvet

Scruples Velvet Molding Gloss, An unmatched texture gloss that has the molding power of a paste and the shine of a pomade. Humectant properties and thermal protection, work to retain moisture and tame frizz, while thermal protection seals hair from environmental stresses. Helps smooth the hair cuticle to enhance shine. Dries to a weightless, velvety finish.


Satin Paste

Scruples White Satin Paste/ Edge Control, delivers a non-greasy, weightless texture with pliable definition. Anti-humectants and flexible holding properties seal in moisture, lock out humidity, protect, control and leave hair with a satiny shine. Perfect for all hair types. GREAT FOR A SATIN FINISH FOR EDGE CONTROL!


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Aquage Silkening Oil


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